SMIC Technology Park Extension

Planned implementation: 2021
Design: 2016-2017
Location: Szanghaj, Chiny
GBA: 450000 m2
Function: Office, Industrial
Investor: SMSC
Cooperation: SUD Architectes, EDRI Shanghai

The expansion of the SMIC technology park involves the construction of 14 buildings with a total area of ​​more than 450,000 m2. The heart of the new technology park will be the SMIC headquarters building, supplemented with laboratories, production halls and the necessary technical infrastructure facilities.

The facades of technological buildings are made of aluminum sheets with a matte or glossy surface. The façade panels are arranged alternately to form a binary pattern symbolizing information.

The architecture of the centrally located office building represents the integrated circuit of the processor unit in which the information is processed. Masterplan creates a system illustrating the operation of the calculating machine. Numerous green spaces have been introduced on thes site and on the upper floors of the buildings, illustrating the idea of ​​synergy between technology and nature, meeting the demands of sustainable development.