Old Market Square in Slupsk

Date: 2018
Location: Slupsk, Poland
Stage: Architectural Competiton
Budget: 4’600’000 pln
Awarding authority: Municipal Infrastructure Office of Slupsk
Award: Special jury prize


The design of the floor of the square does not introduce new materials in line with the idea of continuing and supplementing the existing surface.

The amount of the means of expression has been limited, focusing on the functionality and finishing the square with materials of high aesthetic value and utility parameters. The eclectic nature of the surrounding space also justifies the saving of form and restraint of design decisions. The abstract, strictly geometrized drawing of the floor plays the role of an immaterial matrix – a space to fill with the activity of the inhabitants of Słupsk.

The proposed development is universal, it feels like it has always been. The square module consistently organizes the space on the urban scale, defining the boundaries of the square, defining the floor pattern in the scale of the detail, giving shape to the flooring lighting.

Through a subtle procedure recreating in the floor the outline of a non-existent building of the nineteenth-century town hall – the character of the pre-war city was reconstructed in a non-verbal way.