Krakow Music Center

Date: September 2020
Location: Krakow, Piastowska Street
Stage: Architectural Competition
GBA: 13690m2
Budget: 95’000’000zł
Investor: Agencja Rozwoju Miasta Krakowa sp. z o.o.
Autor: Wojciech Mlynarczyk
Cooperation: RSAK, Pracownia Akustyczna

The concept of the Krakow Music Center is inspired by Krakow’s audiosphere, a place teeming with various music for many centuries, and its valuable natural values, in particular Blonia Krakowskie, an urban and cultural phenomenon unique on a European scale. The diversity of the musical landscape is manifested in the rich history of Krakow’s music, which is an important center of church music and the site of the oldest Polish musical monuments, now the European capital of festivals and one of the most important centers of music education in Poland.

This coexistence of music and nature on many levels is taken up in the concept of the Krakow Music Center. Contrast as a category organizing both the musical order and the natural world is strongly manifested in the formal assumptions of the object. Timeless and minimalist in its expression, the building with calm horizontal lines becomes a natural continuation of the urban meadow with horizontal articulation. Due to its static nature, it brings to mind silence and acoustic asceticism. In turn, the interior of the concert hall has a warm and dynamic character. It exudes energy through the richness of lines, just as rich can be the musical sound systems for which it was created.

The functional layout of the building is defined by a centrally located concert hall and a compact block of the auditorium and studio rooms – the largest cubatures of the building. There has been proposed a perimeter communication system around the rooms, allowing for a clear separation of the building zones accessible to the public and artists.

The structure of the building has been subordinated after obtaining the uncompromising isolation of the music-making space from noise and external noise by air or material. In protected conditions, the acoustic level below the noise curve NR15 was achieved thanks to the “box-in-a-box” system, protection against noise passing through the material path, vibration isolation,suppression of reverberant noise with sound-absorbing materials (locks, foyer, technical room), organization of entrances to conditions protected by acoustic locks.

The heart of the building is the concert hall in its center with an audience of 1000 people. The hall in the modern version of the “shoe box” topology, acoustically optimized in relation to the solutions known for centuries, is arranged on three floors, leading the audience in the immediate vicinity of the stage. Above the choir’s balcony there is a skylight which allows the interior to be illuminated with daylight. A spacious VIP lounge with a view of the foyer and Błonia Park is located on the balcony floor. The auditorium entrances directly from the public areas through the acoustic locks.

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