Gas Storage Poland Office Building

Date: March 2020
Location: Kasprzaka 25 St. Warsaw, Poland
Stage: Architectural competition
Budget: 111’500’000 pln
Investor: Gas Storage Poland sp. z o.o.
Project Team: Wojciech Mlynarczyk, Pawel Marczak, Karol Gwiazdowski

Proposed office buildings are a contemporary interpretation of the architectural context of the Warsaw Gasworks, one of the largest, most valuable and best preserved complexes of historic industrial architecture of Warsaw from the turn of the 20th century. The search for an adequate reference to the prestigious neighborhood meant that the characteristic brick building was followed. It was decided to close the planned function in architectural shapes referring to historical forms defined by simple blocks. The front façades are an attempt to capture the stability and durability of the structure and the dynamics of the gas state. The timeless restrained form of both buildings presents a vision of modern gas companies that respect the heritage and identity of the place.