Eco-Education Park

Date: March 2021
Stage: Architectural Competition
Location: Bielsko-Biała, Poland
Investor: AQUA S.A.
GBA: 13690m2
Budget: 55’000’000 pln
Prize: Special Mention

The building material refers to the traditional wooden architecture of the Beskid Śląski region. The ascetic and timeless rectangular form results from the technology in which the building will be erected. The skeletal nature of the facility is an attempt to establish a dialogue with aircraft constructions. The cross-sections of the first gliders and planes were made of wood, minimizing the structure’s own weight while maximizing the wingspan and wings area, providing lift froce. A similar principle applies to the designed building of the Eco-Education Park. The structure of the wooden coffered ceiling seems to float above the water surface in the pool basins, thanks to the circumferential arrangement of the lightweight structure made of cross-laminated timber. The façade of the building refers to the nature of the first aircraft machines and its graphics indicate the water nature of the main function – the shimmering water surface. Fifth elevation has been planned in the form of flower meadows, blending it into the surrounding landscape – visible from the perspective of the peaks of the Silesian Beskids.

The building fits into the spatial context as well as the broadly coresponds with its historical and social context. Compact body, high energy efficiency parameters and low energy demand, will significantly affect the maintennce costs. The glued-laminated timber frame construction technology used, is characterized by low emissivity both at the stage of obtaining the raw building material and at the stage of assembly of the structure. Thanks to the installation of a photovoltaic farm and an installation for recovering and storing rainwater on the roof, the building reduces the demand for primary energy. The facility, by increasing biodiversity, creating microhabitats for insects and birds, retaining rainwater, introducing a green roof and a significant number of shade trees, is a response to contemporary challenges related to climate and environmental changes. The presented building of the Ecological Education Park will be a clear and distinct example of pro-ecological and modern architecture.